Our Calming, Soothing Team in Sandy & West Valley Delivers Personalized Children’s Dentistry

Do you want a dental team in your corner to help keep your child’s smile healthy and attractive? Of course you do! The dedicated team at Dentistry for Children use their experience to ensure that each child’s visit with us is as pleasant as possible. Our calming, soothing team will make sure that:

  • We provide a high level of dental care so that your child can maintain optimal oral health
  • Your child is relaxed and comfortable during their visits
  • We answer all your questions to your satisfaction
  • You are well-informed and understand each phase of your child’s treatment

Call us today to give your child a relaxed dental experience. We have dental offices in Sandy and West Valley, Utah. No matter which one you visit, our crew will help relieve your child’s dental anxiety!

Our Kid-Friendly Offices & Caring Team Make Dental Visits Fun

It doesn’t take much to spark a bad case of dental anxiety. Even if your child has visited the dentist only one time, a bad experience there could be enough to intimidate them. We have designed both of our locations to be a pleasant place for children that they will enjoy coming to. Here are just some of the amenities we provide to relax and entertain your kids:

  • Playhouses in our reception area
  • Video games for your children to play while waiting
  • TVs mounted in each care room with a selection of movies

At Dentistry for Children, our friendly team is specially trained to provide the compassionate, gentle care that will put your kids at ease. They might even look forward to their next visit with us!

We love working with children and making their visits fun. We will do everything we can to help your young ones feel safe and relaxed. While your kids are distracted and entertained, we will get to work improving their smiles with expert dental care!

Dental Sedation Quickly Eases Nerves

If our caring team and comfort options aren’t enough to calm your kids, we can also offer dental sedation, including:

  • FDA-approved inhaled sedation using laughing gas
  • Kid-friendly oral conscious sedation in a pleasant-tasting drink
  • IV sedation that offers our deepest level of sedation

Our team members have undergone extensive training in carefully administering dental sedation. You can rest assured that we’ll keep your kids comfortable and safe.

Let our calming, soothing team help your children get the dental care their smiles need. Call Dentistry for Children today to schedule with one of our dentists, Dr. Erik Rooklidge and associates!