Change Your Child’s Life With Full-Mouth Reconstruction in West Valley & Sandy

Does your kid have so many dental problems that you don’t know where to start? If your child needs major work done on their smile, Dentistry for Children can help with a full-mouth reconstruction. Our board-certified pediatric dentists, Dr. Erik Rooklidge and associates, offer a variety of restorative options to rehabilitate your child’s mouth. Our team can:

  • Restore your child’s confidence and self-esteem with a healthy, beautiful smile
  • Make eating and talking easier and more comfortable
  • Help your child avoid awkward social situations
  • Give you peace of mind that your kiddo’s oral health is back on track

To ensure your child’s comfort and to relieve pain, we will use anesthetic and can also offer dental sedation options. Call us today at either our Sandy, Utah, dentist office or our West Valley, Utah, dentist office to schedule a consultation. Give your child a beautiful smile!

Dental Implants Provide Several Options for Teeth Replacement

If your older child needs any teeth completely replaced, dental implants are a great option because they function as replacement tooth roots, fusing with the jawbone for a strong, sturdy hold.

Because our dentists have undergone extensive training, we are even able to extract a tooth and place your child’s dental implant on the same day! We will then restore their grin by attaching dental crowns or dental bridges to the implants.

Know Your Child’s Other Full-Mouth Reconstruction Options

A lot can go wrong with your teeth, even from a young age. Maybe your child chipped several teeth at once while playing sports without an athletic mouth guard. Or perhaps your child has severe decay or involuntarily grinds their teeth at night while sleeping, resulting in a worn-down bite. No matter the cause, we can help!

To conceal and protect damaged teeth, we can provide same-day zirconia dental crowns. Our dentists use completely metal-free crowns made right in our office. You won’t have to return to have them placed!

If your child needs to replace one or multiple adjacent missing teeth but is not a good candidate for dental implants, we can attach a traditional dental bridge. It will complete their smile with one or more replacement teeth secured on either end to their other teeth.

Get your child’s beautiful smile back with a full-mouth reconstruction from Dentistry for Children. Call today for an appointment!