Athletic Mouth Guards in Sandy & West Valley Keep Kids’ Smiles Intact

Does your child like to play sports and stay active? If you want to protect your kids from dental injuries, contact Dentistry for Children to get custom athletic mouth guards. A mouth guard made for their unique mouth will:

  • Cushion your child’s teeth when the inevitable bumps and falls occur
  • Fit more comfortably and provide more protection than a boil-and-bite device
  • Help prevent costly injuries to developing teeth and gums
  • Protect your child against potential cosmetic embarrassment
  • Allow your child to speak and breathe more comfortably than with a store-bought mouth guard
  • Hold up better and last longer than cheaper, one-size-fits-all mouthguards

Call our friendly dental team today to help keep your child’s teeth safe! For your convenience, you can choose either our dental office in Sandy, Utah, or our dental office in West Valley, Utah.

Teach Your Child the Importance of Wearing a Mouth Guard

Just like people protect their heads with helmets during contact sports, your child should protect their teeth and mouth with a professionally made mouth guard.

Contact sports like football and boxing aren’t the only activities that we recommend athletic mouth guards for. If your child enjoys any of the following activities, you should schedule a consultation to get them a custom mouthpiece:

  • Gymnastics
  • Skateboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding

If you decide to get a new mouthguard for your young sports star, we will take precise impressions and send them out to a lab we work with. In about a week, you can return to pick up their specially made mouth guard!

We know that the more comfortable the mouth guard feels, the more likely your child is to faithfully wear it. That’s why Dr. Erik Rooklidge or another one of our dentists will ensure that the appliance fits comfortably and provides the necessary level of protection for their teeth. Prevent dental emergencies with athletic mouth guards for your active children. Call Dentistry for Children today!