Experience Kid-Centered Family Dentistry in West Valley & Sandy

Have you been looking for a great dentist for all your kids? For compassionate family dentistry starting at age 1, contact Dentistry for Children today. Dr. Erik Rooklidge and associates are ready to get your crew started on the road to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Visit us for:

  • Dental care by a skilled team of dentists who specialize in treating children
  • Kid-friendly technology like low-radiation digital X-rays and a Solea® CO2 dental laser that numbs teeth and removes tooth decay at the same time
  • A calming, soothing team fully trained to take care of your children’s needs

We have two convenient locations so your kids can get the quality care they deserve and you can spend less time driving around. Call one of our offices in either Sandy or West Valley, Utah, today to schedule appointments for your kids.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Will Keep Your Child Smiling

If it’s time for your child’s first dental visit, bring them to Dentistry for Children! We will devote extra time to helping your little one feel safe and comfortable.

Our dentists have undergone extensive training in pediatric dentistry to provide the best care possible for your children. Plus, we actually get to know your kids, so they will trust us more easily and form a positive association with their dentist. They may even look forward to seeing the familiar faces of our team when visiting for regular dental cleanings and exams.

Unlike other dentists who treat patients of all ages, we focus on providing excellent dental care for children only. Whether you’re bringing your youngest in for their first ever dental appointment or your teenager wants to brighten their smile with teeth whitening following orthodontic treatment, you can trust our care!

We can even help with thumb-sucking. According to the American Dental Association, once your child is 4 years old, continued thumb-sucking could begin to affect their future smile and oral health. To help break the habit, we will educate you and your child on some of the potential effects and offer suggestions for discouraging thumb-sucking.